Scale with your subscribers

As your subscriber base grows, you’ll want to expand and revisit your business operations to keep up with your increasing number of subscribers.

Three tips for scaling your subscription business

Ready to grow? These steps are key for scaling your business as your subscriber count increases.

  1. Get a handle on subscription churn.Churn can become expensive to address late. Keep an eye on your cancellations report and update your automated retention strategies.
  2. Expand your tech stack.Explore our marketing and retention tech partners—such as Klaviyo, Churn Buster, Recapture, and others—to build win-back flows and prevent passive churn like credit card failures.
  3. Review your operations for scale.You might update your shipping and fulfillment process to keep to scale, but don’t forget the basics too. It might be time to revisit your charge and cutoff dates to ensure they match your current size.

Additional tools to inform your growth strategyIt’s critical at this stage to have a good understanding of your business analytics. Fortunately, Recharge offers a number of reports to answer the most critical questions. Start by understanding your key metrics and then dig into your Analytics dashboard for more insight into customer retention, most successful SKUs, and overall growth trajectory.

Common questions when scaling your subscriptionsExpand all

How can I minimize subscription-related support volume?

Start by ensuring that your subscriptions are as self-serve as possible, such as by enabling RechargeSMS so that customers can update their subscription details over text. Also, consider building a subscription landing page to answer your customers’ most common questions about their subscriptions. This is a great place to explain how to access the customer portal or policies like cut-off dates. ResourcesRechargeSMSEnabling RechargeSMSWriting a subscription landing page

Can I update subscriptions in bulk?

Yes. The bulk updater tool is useful when a product changes title, SKU, or price. This way, you don’t need to update subscriptions individually. ResourcesUsing the bulk updater tool

How else can I decrease subscriber churn?

Businesses with the highest churn tend to have the least flexible subscription programs. If a customer can’t easily swap, delay, or skip shipments, they will simply cancel their subscription. It might be time to re-optimize your customer portal for retention if this is the case. ResourcesCreating a brand that boosts retentionHow customer flexibility improves retention

How can I increase average order volume for my existing subscribers?

Many retention strategies also overlap with upselling strategies while rewarding customer loyalty. Invest in loyalty programs like referrals and monthly discount codes. ResourcesGrowing a customer loyalty program

What can I do to improve the efficiency of shipping and handling for my subscription orders?

It’s time to take inventory…of your inventory. There are a few basic strategies you can start with for quick wins, but you may also explore partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) solution. ResourcesShipping and fulfillment basicsTech partners for third-party logistics