Grow your subscriber base

Our 15,000+ successful merchants have blazed the trail with proven best practices for growing your subscription business quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. Keep your customer acquisition costs low and your business growth high with these tips.

Four tips for subscriber acquisition

Ensure you can successfully grow your subscriber base by following these crucial steps.

  1. Check in on your acquisition strategy overall.It’s hard to increase your subscriber count if you’re behind on web traffic. Learn more about optimizing SEO.
  2. Optimize your shop’s UI and UX to encourage subscription sales.Does your site make it easy to subscribe, or do potential subscribers have to dig to find the information they need? Learn more about proven strategies for converting more subscribers through your web design.
  3. Offer both one-time purchase and subscription purchase options.Some customers may still be weary to try a subscription from the get-go, so we encourage you to offer both one-time purchases and subscriptions. By listing both options, you’re able to convert all potential shoppers. To entice more shoppers to try subscriptions, we recommended setting the default to subscriptions, or offering a free trial that converts to a subscription.
  4. Create enticing perks and discounts.Build an attractive discount strategy that will encourage customer loyalty too. Learn more about potential discount strategies.

Bonus features that allow you to reward subscribersThere’s more to discounts than the subscribe-and-save option you can add while creating a subscription product. Discount by product volume with Bundles or by total price with discount codes. Advanced users might also explore our Workflows tool to reward loyal subscribers with further discounts or shipping incentives.

Find an agency to help you grow your subscribers

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Common questions when expanding your subscription offeringsExpand all

How can Recharge help me further upsell my current customers?

Start by using collections to make sure customers can easily add products and one-time purchases to their subscriptions from the customer portal. Next, consider an integration like Rebuy to follow up with subscribers on additional targeting. ResourcesUsing Recharge CollectionsUpsell and cross-sell integrations

How do I integrate Recharge with my existing marketing and customer support platforms?

Each of our 50+ integrations can be quickly connected to Recharge through the “Apps” section of your merchant portal. ResourcesIntegrations directory

Do I need to recreate discount codes I’ve already created in my ecommerce platform?

Shopify merchants can import their discount codes, but merchants using other ecommerce platforms will need to create the discount code in both the ecommerce platform and Recharge. ResourcesImporting discounts from Shopify

How do I get help growing my business faster?

If you’re having trouble implementing our suggested subscriber acquisition strategies, consider enlisting the help of one of our agency partners to expand your marketing programs. ResourcesKey steps for subscriber acquisitionAgency Partner directory

Which Recharge features have I not taken advantage of yet?

If you have already completed the “Getting Started” checklist at the top of your merchant portal, it’s time to start digging into Recharge Analytics and the “Apps” section of Recharge—which features third-party plugins and integrations, plus powerful Recharge tools like RechargeSMS, Workflows, and Bulk Actions. Once you’ve installed a plugin or integration, they will appear in your “Marketplace” within the merchant portal. ResourcesAnalyticsRechargeSMSWorkflowsBulk Actions

What subscriber acquisition benchmarks should I be shooting for in my industry?

Reference how you compare to industry benchmarks using Recharge Analytics. You can also read our latest Subscription Commerce Report for more context on these trends. ResourcesRecharge AnalyticsSubscription Commerce Report

What metrics should I understand in order to improve my business growth?

The key metric to keep an eye on in this stage is your customer acquisition cost. Make sure you also monitor and understand other metrics like lifetime value and average order volume for a more comprehensive picture of your company’s growth trajectory. ResourcesMore about customer acquisition costLearn about other key subscriber metrics