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Welcome to Recharge! You just joined thousands of fellow merchants who use Recharge to maximize their recurring revenue streams. For every new subscriber you gain, your customer lifetime value increases exponentially.

Fortunately, onboarding with Recharge is easy so you can start seeing the benefits immediately. Plus, we don’t stop there—we’re invested in your business’s growth and success. As a member of our community, you’ll have access to the most important industry reports to guide your decision-making, the advice of your peers and our in-house experts, and so much more.

Who is Recharge for?

We designed Recharge to grow with you, meaning first-time store owners can enjoy our straightforward out-of-the-box builds and large veteran merchants can use Recharge in a complex and customized API-driven environment (plus every kind of merchant in between).

A few common subscription product strategies merchants accomplish with Recharge include:

  • Incentivizing long-term loyalty with subscriber discounts and perks
  • Making subscribing easy by starting customers on a free trial or sample
  • Scaling operations for curated boxes with simple subscription rules to manage new subscribers and cancellations
  • Attracting new customers with flexible bundling options

Getting started

Choose a flexible implementation model that makes sense for your business. Launch in as little as a few days.

Quick Start Guide cover art in the Merchant HQ

Quick Start Guide

Most Recharge implementations can get up and running quickly in just a few short steps.

Onboarding webinars cover art in the Merchant HQ

Onboarding webinar

Check out our on-demand onboarding webinar for a 35-minute visual walkthrough of the complete implementation process.

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Agency Partners

Seeking a custom or advanced Recharge implementation, but not staffed to support it yet? Connect with one of our agency partners, who are deeply experienced in custom Recharge implementations.

Implementation Specialist

In some cases, you may be assigned a Recharge team member to further support your launch. If applicable, your resource will be identified as part of your sales agreement.

Our team can assist you in transitioning your current subscribers. Depending on your existing configuration, your implementation steps may be a little different from other merchants. Start your migration plan and a member of the Recharge team will reach out to you if applicable.

Common questions before launching RechargeExpand all

How long does it take to launch Recharge?

Most Recharge implementations can be completed in just 15 minutes, but more complex implementations can take as long as a few weeks. We recommend starting simple and adding in more complexity over time.

Will Recharge integrate with my tech stack?

Very likely yes! Recharge integrates with the most common tech solutions championed by subscription stores like yours. If you don’t see your partner in the directory, your developer can also build a custom connection using Recharge’s API.ResourcesIntegrations directoryDeveloper Hub

What support does Recharge offer?

Your support offering may vary depending on your sales package. All merchants can access 24/7 tech support over email, while some packages include phone assistance, strategic check-ins, and custom training. ResourcesRecharge plansAbout Managed Services

Do I need any technical skills to launch Recharge?

Nope! Recharge’s out-of-the-box solution is based on the best practices of thousands of subscription merchants so that you can get launched quickly with no technical assistance required. Additional customizations are available for merchants working with an in-house developer or agency partner. ResourcesDeveloper HubAgency Partner directory

What is the minimum I need to do to launch Recharge?

You’ll need at least one product that you want to offer on subscription, to select the type of subscription you will offer and enable the subscription widget that allows customers to add the subscription to their cart.

How will my customers experience Recharge?

You can customize every part of the subscriber experience, from adding the subscription to their cart to subscription notifications to managing the subscription.

Do I need to update my store’s legal notices?

Your store’s legal notices should comply with your store’s policies as well as relevant laws and regulations. Laws and regulations governing auto-renewal (i.e. subscription) transactions vary by state, region, and country. We strongly suggest you review your store policies for compliance with relevant laws and update your store’s legal notice language based on your policies and advice from legal counsel. ResourcesUpdate legal settings

Does Recharge support digital products?

Recharge is designed to work best with physical products that are shipped directly to the consumer. Some merchants use Recharge for digital products, which can require additional workarounds.